Friday, October 11, 2013

Trade review 10-11-13

I got some plays correct on Friday...



A win at least narrowly for shorts when this gap up from the hod fell after the noise candle for entry. It hung around the flat line, closing weakly and south by over 4.5% Friday.


At least a modest win long when this gap up advanced beyond the noise candle for entry by candle 2. It peaked in 25 minutes then fell gradually, ending up over 10% on Friday.


At least a modest winning long when this gap up advanced early beyond the noise candle for entry. It peaked in 25 minutes and decayed from there, closing up over 5% Friday.


A gap up fell initially, but held the flat line and gradually climbed, triggering long around lunch. It slowly advanced, ending up 3% on Friday.



A possible fake out short when this gap down advanced early after the noise candle. It peaked in 30 minutes and fell back under the flat line and open for entry. It closed strong and up a bit under 2.5% Friday.


Early shorts lost on this gap up that fell after the noise candle for entry and a fake out. It then reversed, greening and continuing, closing up over 36.5% today.



A no play push lacking any viable trigger when this gap down failed to get above the previous session close at any time. It moved straight along under the flat line until it ended south by over 2% Friday.

Daily record: W-4-L-2-P-1

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