Monday, December 30, 2013

Trade review 12-30-13

I got some picks correct on Monday...



A nominal win short on an entry near lunch under the initial candle low. It continued to decline, closing red by almost 14% today.


A winning long 15 minutes in on trigger when this gap up kept rising early, eventually moving sideways with an up tilt and finishing up over 2% today.



A possible short fake out on early moves under the open and flat line. It rebounded over, closing weakly and up at least near 1% today.


A fake out short likely when a gap down debut fell initially, then reverse and greened. It ended up over 5% today.



A big gap up discouraged longs, and this moved mainly sideways, en route to an up end of over 2% today.


No play on a gap up at the hod which fell from the noise candle until later morning, denying longs entry. It then moved sideways, closing red by over 6.5% today.


A very large gap up negated entry in any direction. Predictably, it fell after an up noise candle, eventually ending north by over 17.5% today.

Daily record: W-2-L-2-P-3

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