Sunday, October 09, 2016

Watchers for the 10-10-16 trading session


Watch again and see my previous comments. Still up a lot possible fade on weakness.


Ditto here. Ended down a bit over 1.5% Friday but still up a lot. Possible short.


Again, up tons after a big down session, but still a possible fade play. Recent popped Supernovae.


Same thing here. Up quite a bit still but on declining volume. Possible short.


Still up tons despite a drop Friday. Watch again for a fade on Monday with weakness.


In play both ways. As a long on continuation of momentum above 2.45/holds. Or as a scalp up at or near the gun for a scalp buy. Or, as a short on a fall fail of 2.25/and holds. Or as a scalp sell on a pop down at or near the bell. Avoid all big gaps. Be careful maintaining a short on a reversal back over 2.40. The fade is more likely given the price action on Friday, but keep an open mind.


Bullish Engulfing. I like this long over 9.28/holds. Moderate volume on the rise, which is a tepid sign for new buyers. Keep flat on real weakness aside from a typical red to green move, etc. Stops just under the low last time or the initial 30 minute one on Monday. More conservatively a stop placed under Friday's close, too. The low on that day is too far away to use for stops. Ideally stays above 8.50 on pull backs to remain viable as a long if it triggers. No big gaps or shorts.

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