Sunday, September 12, 2010

Trade review 9-10-10

I got a few picks correct...



Flat open proved to be in the vicinity of the hod, which fell gradually most of the day, ending nearly 22% red.


More luster came off as the news euphoria faded and the price did too. Flat open just slid as trading continued, en route to a down finish of nearly 21.5%



Late session news release helped this stock that seemed on the verge of correction, to keep surging. Government contract deal excitement helped this equity finish green by almost 32% on Friday. Several could have gotten squeezed here, so it is a loss.


Flat open proved to be near the lod, and the revenue outlook winner continued to advance, volume stayed strong as well. Since this never really weakened, I hope most would have never entered short on this.



Huge gap down open prevented any entry at all. So a flat position was called for, as I noted in my analysis for it if it lacked any weakness cues. I got the direction right, but while it finished technically red by over 22.5% that was all a product of the gap open, and it closed higher than it opened. A sizable dip occurred in the first 2 hours, but it recovered. All things considered, a push is called for here. Most of you likely left it alone entirely.


A tale of 2 session periods! This roared in the first part of the day, then fell steadily in the latter portion. New 52's were bought aggressively, as suspected, so I would like to claim a win here as you would have to be really a lamb to have rode it all the way back down after successfully day trading it for many hours up until lunch, but it DID finish negative barely by less than 1/2 of a % so I cannot. Up after hours, back over 10.15

Daily record: W-2 L-2-P-2

Unofficial picks ANWM and SVMI turned out as follows: The first opened flat at the hod and fell nearly 9% on the day for a win while the latter was a miss since it steadily climbed on the session, finishing green by 23%

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