Sunday, September 12, 2010

Watchers for the 9-13-10 trading session


Supernovae scan return blast from the past, is now on watch for a fade entry on weakness cues. My not be done yet so either box and drop or risk either not getting shares or a squeeze. News debatable, if any, but up over 73% on Friday. Look for shares, this might be a beauty soon.


Now a Supernovae scan return, the government contract news item kept it flying. Nevertheless, most news reactions quickly fade, as profits are taken. Aside from early spiking from late to the party longs, this might yield a fade entry as early as Monday on weakness cues should they surface. See comments for BDCO about boxing and dropping. This would have probably reddened on Friday if that news had not arrived.


Up over 162% on no obvious news. I will take those odds any day. Look for shares. Watch for weakness cues to short into. Flat otherwise, not exactly the next Starbucks Coffee, you know...


This would be a near ideal chart if only it had any volume. The pattern is stellar. Enter at your own risk on such thin trading, if and only if it sports weakness cues to short into. Flat otherwise, it is up so much already.


Nicely over extending now, previously from my unofficial picks section, this cheapie is now on watch. Short into weakness cues if they arise, or no play. Volume still strong, so be careful here. Look for shares, though.


Second straight hod close, over extension deepening, this news generated mover might b e getting closer to some profit taking. Look for shares. Short into weakness cues if they turn up. News was positive, admittedly. If this looks strong early, stay away, do not fight irrationality in stocks if you value your wallet. Only short weakness, as a rule. The time is coming on this stock, just be patient.


Crappy company undoubtedly with bitter shareholders got a contract award announced in the last 1.5 hours on Friday, causing a spike that faded. Up after hours, more profit taking should follow as the hype lessens. Fade any of the usual weakness cue signals, if they happen. Stay flat otherwise. Look at their fundies!


Looking for a long bounce early as this strong stock for months dived off a cliff all day long, en route to a red close of over 24% after a hod open. The stock hit a new 52-week high of $12.95 Friday, the end of a run that's been going on since June 2009. Profit taking? Bargain hunters may really take a look at this on Monday, so if it starts to spike early or gently advance, going long with them for a spell might be a possible play.

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