Sunday, September 19, 2010

Trade review 9-17-10

A few of these plays worked...



Barely claimable as a win, this opened on a modest gap down and finished rather off its lows. But it never exceeded the previous session high for stops on the rebounding, and closed lower than it opened. Red by over 1.5% on the day though earlier covers on the initial play would have made out better than EOD closes.


The upside ceiling on Friday proved more modest, and this play provided 2 possible paths to profits. The first being an early entry and EOD exit, the second on the late afternoon fade. Red by 8% with previous session high stops never being hit. Opened on a gap up, then we took out the previous session close for the entry.


Easy fade play opened on a gap up, soon went green to red, then sported tanking action much of the day into the close, finishing red by about 4.5% with the previous session hod never being threatened. Boring plays like these can pay the rent!



A loss because shorts could have been faked out here on a breakdown that did not last, with the entry coming after the first 5 usually useless minutes of the session. Yes, it is true that this opened on a gap up, a sign to stay flat on the day, but it soon went red on the aforementioned fake out, possibly trapping some shorts. The bounce never took out the current session high, but that was higher on this play than the previous one, and was hardly a tight stop. Closed lower than it opened, but still green owing to the gap up. Greened by 1.5% and most of the shorts would have entered on the green to red, which means they would have lost money.



An example of my honesty in results. It was possible to have scored on this, and it finished red by nearly 6% Working out of a gap down, it began to fall and shares quickly vanished at Interactive Brokers. But it rebounded, and the hod was a cent above the previous session version, so some could have been stopped out on the mild squeeze. Not all of the reddening was lost in the gap down, so a push seems in order here.


A push since the early session with any sane exit made money, but it came roaring back in the afternoon to finish green by close to 3.5% on the day. A gap up, a morning green to red held up nicely until the big moves north began to mount much later. Mostly all of my subscribers who entered probably did not hold into a loss, so a push is called for. Should have and would have been a clear win without the afternoon rally.


Barely a win here, but more like a push. Failed to test 14 as well this time, but opening on a modest gap up, it fell under the previous session close in the first 5 minute candle. This hindered an entry, suggesting no action. It climbed most of the day gradually, but fell a bit into the close to finish red by less than a half of a percent. The choppy price action, despite it never having taken out the previous session high, to stop out shorts, means that the best that can be claimed here is a draw. The best entry was later in the day as it went green to red.

Daily record: W-3 L-1-P-3


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