Thursday, September 16, 2010

Watchers for the 9-17-10 trading session


Seems like old times, our old friend is back! Now working on over extension, fade weakness cues if they surface. Be flat otherwise, I am not a buyer. I wonder if new promotion is spearheading this junk upward? Right near some general area of resistance, that I hope proves to be the ceiling. Closed on hod, might have a bit more green left, initial spiking, etc. for the foolish late arrivals.


Now a red floater, finishing unchanged today. Fade on clear confirmed weakness cues, if they surface. Flat otherwise. Really getting overdue for some old fashioned distribution.


Some people just never learn, so I guess I am just foolish. High wave stick relative to the open and close and small range between the start and end today tells me this is really maturing. Short weakness cues only, with confirmation, if they arrive. That means a green to red, or furious selling after the first 5 minutes in, etc. The most likely scenario is yet more greening with spikes early then a fall from grace. I think Friday might be key.


Getting a bit long in the tooth by now, this had a great run, but profits need to be taken. Volume is beginning to decrease, but it is not making new highs on significantly less volume, so watch this patiently, only shorting clear weakness cues. I liked this outright as a long previously, now aside from initial spikes, I am waiting for the short entry if it beckons.


Another one I am now stalking, waiting to fade. 4 decently up sessions are soon going to be profit taken. If it weakens with clear cues, fade it. Stay flat otherwise, too many up days to have a lot of bullish confidence.


Promotion running out of gas and spamming. Could easily head back below 0.50 and re-fill the gap from a few days ago. Short only massive early dumping or any of the typical weakness cues. Avoid longs at this point. Ambulance chasing, yes, but that is what the job of a short is.


Up several sessions now on very modest volume, making new highs. Possible 14 test and fade. Not sure how this opens, either gapping up or down, but I am sure I want to fade it on confirmed weakness cues, if they arrive. It stalled out at 13.90 today, if it opens below 14 it might get a bit closer and begin to fade out, etc.

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