Monday, September 20, 2010

Trade review 9-20-10

Some of these picks I got right...



Gap up advanced from bell as suspected, then waned as the session proceeded, as predicted. Still in play for the patient observers, but I am done with it. Up over 1% on the day.


Cheap victory here, as although we finished red, it was by less than 1% and barely noticeable. Mostly it went barely down and sideways. Technically, it went green to red early after opening on a gap up with a hod that never exceeded the previous session high. Profitable enough to buy a soda for Monday Night Football, but not much more!


Let the games begin! Opening on a gap down, this rallied, but it sported a picture perfect afternoon fade weakness cue as it went green to red, taking out the previous session closing price and reddening into the close. Finished south by over 8% and I suspect many of you banked on this one.



A loss as it opened on a modest gap up, then faked out shorts by going green to red after the initial 5 minutes of the open but gradually recovered, really accelerating into the close. Green by over 5%



Huge gap up ruined any short entry. The lod was was equal to a flat open, so no weakness cue verification occurred. Hence, the proper play was remaining flat, which is why this is a push. Green by nearly 63%


Opened nearly at the lod and kept on going, so no play to fade was ever possible without any clear weakness cues. Thus, a push. Up almost 46%


I would like to claim this as a win, given the red close, but even though stops were likely not tripped given the hod being equal to the previous session high, it closed higher than opened, so it is a wash. Down nearly 4% but a lot of that was lost in the gap down, which made shorting problematic and arguably inadvisable.


Despite this finishing red (by a lot less than 1%) only a push can be claimed here. It traded in such a small range with a hod only a cent above the previous session high and although it also finished lower than it opened, the moves today were essentially sideways or consolidating. More lame than my AHHAP win.


2 dollar gap up that did not spike but faded all day long precluded any top fishing fades from new buying binges. So, the proper course was to stay flat and watch. Sure, if I had a crystal ball, I would have seen that the open was the hod, with plenty of down side, but having one of those is about as likely as visiting Mars. Finished green by over 13% but all of that was lost in the gap.

Daily record: W-3 L-1-P-5


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