Monday, September 20, 2010

Watchers for the 9-21-10 trading session


Someone less stubborn than me would give up on this short, but not I. Fade on verified weakness cues, flat otherwise. It is really overdue for a distribution session, patiently stalk this and wait for a chance to enter.


Another Supernovae scan return today. Box and drop or wait for clear weakness cues. Flat otherwise. Again, most of this game is patient stalking, waiting for a chance to chase the ambulance.


Look at that chart and tell me more down side is not nearby? Fade on confirmed weakness cues, patiently stalking. Stay flat otherwise.


Still in play for a short entry upon weakness cues if they surface. This is up tons so it is just a matter of time spent patiently stalking for the distribution print. Flat otherwise.


3 white soldiers. I want to fade this on clear weakness cues, but it might not be done yet. Possible long scalp on early spiking, but the profit taking dump is what I am looking for as of now. You know the drill.


Not sure what is fueling this move, but it looks interesting. I suspect we get more upside from initial spiking, then a fade. Up after hours, the stock has had increasing volume for days and gap ups on each candle. Long scalping on the possible spikes north, then another rare shorting of the topping out. We might get lucky and get a more typical weakness cue like green to red, but do not count on it.

Not on my official list, but keep an eye on AENY for more reddening to short into. Already 2 red days and frustrating choppiness prevented this clunker from making my published list, but it can still go down more...

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