Thursday, September 09, 2010

Trade review 9-9-10

I got a few picks right...



An instructive play. Opening on a gap up, it showed early promise for the longs, but it gradually faded as the session advanced, then the over extended stock went below its opening price level and then green to red in the afternoon, a clear shorting signal. Faded off into the close, en route to a down finish of over 7.5%


Opening at the hod on a modest gap down, this down trended much of the way decently, en route to a red finish of nearly 7% which was not surprising given yesterday's green finish with a lower close than its open.


As suspected, blood soon spilled in the water today. After a weak spike out of the open following a gap up, it began to falter, soon going green to red about 30 minutes in, which was weakness cue signal. Gentle fading ensued, culminating in a down finish of over 5%


Again, highly instructive. Opening on a modest gap up, the stock went sideways with a slight downward tilt for several minutes. By an hour in, we went green to red and the gentle fade continued, ending red by 7%


Opening on a gap down, this printed the hod in the first 1 minute candle. 6 minutes in, we we below the day's opening price and of course the previous session closing price. This was a shorting cue signal. Not as ideal as when we have a move from green to red, but playable. It faded off over the remainder of the session 20%



More steady inching upward resuming today. Not much trading range in terms of the price, but green by less than 1% which sadly must be scored as a loss. I still feel a dump may ensure, but I am losing patience here.



A push. Despite finishing red, thus making me right about the direction, honesty prevents me from claiming even a cheap win here. The gap down open was too extreme for any safe entry other than staying flat. The open proved to be the hod with boring almost sideways movement afterward, closing negative by over 12.5%

Daily record: W-5 L-1-P-1

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