Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Watchers for the 9-9-10 trading session


Too thinly traded for my tastes but it is over extending about now. Fade weakness cues if they arise. Some of the candles on the daily have not been too huge so it may have some life left. Start watching it as of tomorrow.


Any day now...I expect we get a distribution print, so look for shares to fade weakness cues if they surface.


This weakened with a daily doji printing, it might regain strength tomorrow but I am hoping and looking to fade more selling if we get any of the typical weakness cues on Thursday. I love the smell of blood in the water.


In spite of finishing green, this substantially weakened today after the huge speedy dump in the first 15 minutes of the regular session. It might have more down side if all goes right and we get faltering cues that permit exploitation, as today's falling knife was impractical for real world use. Aside from this price action quirk today, it has been steadily "inching" along each day upwards.


Its days are numbered. I know, I am stubborn, but look at that chart and tell me a distribution print day does not lie soon around the corner on over extension. Fade the usual weakness cues if they turn up.


FDA clearance winner news inspired mover greened 60% today, closing on the hod. Late arriving longs may provide a scalp entry at or near the open for the bulls, but equally possible is a weakness cue fade entry tomorrow or Friday. Live price action will determine your fence sitting position on this one.


Over extension play possible here. Short weakness cues if they surface.

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