Thursday, September 30, 2010

Watchers for the 10-1-10 trading session


See my comments from last time, nothing has changed much since then.


Supernovae scan return. This cheapie may not be done yet, so box and drop if desired, or wait for confirmed weakness cues to fade this. Look for shares, they may be in short supply. Volume still increasing, so it's quite possible we see spiking upwards from the gun or thereabouts. These are great shorts if you can time it right.


Pinkie which usually turns out to be a stinkie, is up on no obvious news over 275% today. I like those odds as a short if I can enter on clear weakness cues or massive profit taking dumps, etc. Enter at your own risk. If it looks strong early, steer clear. If it goes no place also stay flat. Thinly traded enough that some days are just a wash. I would only act (and short) if it begins to sell off.


Remember this former Jim Cramer approved stock? Well, now it is on a tear lately but still trading below 2 bucks a share, advancing for several days on heavy volume. I want to fade this on stalling momentum and over extension, if it emits short worthy weakness cues on Friday or soon. No obvious news, so the urge to book profits if the herd spies others in the herd doing so will be strong. Not into a long here at this point. It is up after hours and obviously it could spike from the bell tomorrow a bit more, but I am waiting for a fade.


Up still more after hours, this is beginning to over extend short term. It might not be done so be patient and only fade clear weakness cues, as usual. Volume not dying yet either. It may be like watching paint dry but stalked plays like this that eventually weaken with easy borrows are what normally pays the rent! Obviously, 6 will be a typical psychological selling point, so it might fail by stalling there. Taking and holding 6 might mean a green finish, but rather than going long (aside from immediate open spiking scalps) I prefer to patiently wait for my chance to ambulance chase.


OTC Cheapie up nearly 47% today on no particularly obvious news other than a new CFO. If it looks strong early, stay flat. Short only on clear weakness cues, or obvious dumping out of the gate.


Still hoping to catch from profit taker dumping early on the day Friday if things pan out. The contract winner will probably have to be profit taken, and when it is, the shorts can feast. Fade only on confirmed weakness cues, stay flat otherwise. If it looks bullish early, keep out. For what it is worth, which is perhaps not very much, the firm is cruddy and the terms of the agreement disguises the identity of the foreign associate.

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