Monday, October 04, 2010

Watchers for the 10-4-10 trading session

Sorry these picks are being posted about 5 minutes from the open on Monday. I got home very late last night. I will do my Friday recap today, as well...


Red floater scan return. Short biased on confirmed weakness cues. Flat otherwise.


Looking to fade this on clear weakness cues. Stay flat otherwise. Volume still strong, so be careful with this cheapie it may not be done.


See my comments from last time, they still apply here. Keep stalking this for a fade, and watch 6 buck level.


Again, see my comments from last time. We did get some lower wave stick action, but a close green of less than 1% occurred. I still want to profit take fade this if clear weakness cues or morning dumping surfaces.


A stock that often fails to hold its gains, but it might not quite be over as the volume is getting bigger and it was nice the day before Friday, even. I suspect morning spiking early or even from the bell, then a tapering off. So you can long scalp that quick and fade dying momentum, or fade clear weakness cues, preferably.


Earnings winner but another rare chance to either fade morning spiking (possibly from the gun) when the momentum wanes in top fishing or long scalp it on the greening. In play both ways. Volume still strong, but lessening. Be careful shorting positive earnings plays, it is possible on profit taking but fundamentally it is a wrong headed approach, so to speak. Live price action from the start on Monday is going to be key here.

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