Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Watchers for the 9-23-10 trading session


Still waiting to fade this on usable verified weakness cues should they arise. The past few sessions featured lame gaps and lod openings that never presented us with a short entry. Arguably consolidating, it could continue ascending soon, but I do not intend to play it long except as a scalp on initial spiking, at best. I would rather wait.


This still has upside volume, so be careful trying to short this on its being overdone. High wave stick action relative to the close might be a sign of momentum stalling, but it may not be done yet if the volume holds up. Fade only on clear weakness cues, or be flat here. At this point I am less keen on initial long scalp entries.


Ok, it looks overdone and they have had some bad news days in the recent past, but right now this thing is pretty hot. I expect more out of the gate for a possible long scalp entry and profits taken early enough to beat the crowd selling of their longer term gains. Obviously this could tire out fast, so be prepared to fade this on clear weakness cues or if really brave some petering out of big initial green candles that begin dumping. Up over 4.5% after hours already, so it might yield a short earlier than I think, but keep in mind the volume is still jumping here and we have had several gap up opens the past few days. 52's at 6.84 a natural profit taking point or a new spurt over that with gusto if it gets vanquished. Remember that tomorrow.


New 52's. Check out the volume banding in the last hour! A lot of bullish sentiment on this now. Some of this might be press release related. Usually, new 52 week highs go even higher, at least initially. I am looking to scalp this long early, possibly from the bell. I would be flat otherwise, I am not looking to short this yet.


Another new 52's. In just 2 sessions, this has taken out the highs of May just before a long correction. Some might be in long overnight hoping for a gap up and profits. It might have more early or from the gun to scalp long, as 52 week highs usually go higher in the very short term. Less impressive than TQNT though.


Junk up over 35% today and now up after hours. I want to fade this on clear weakness cues or new fails on 4 dollar retests. We hit 4.78 today and finished well under that, so more dying momentum shorts might arise if new buyers surface. I am less keen to scalp this long, even if it shows early popping. Most fools have rushed in.


Highest price since 2008 this garbage has less than 10 cents per share stock has more than doubled in 3 days. Up nearly 90% today. I am looking to fade this on verified weakness cues. Not interested in longs or top fishing shorts here. Volume is still strong so be patient in chasing the ambulance. No obvious news releases and a fast promoter/promotion scan turned up nothing today.

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