Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Trade review 9-22-10

I got some correct today...



First red day of Supernovae scan return. Opened at the hod then tanked fast and hard all day en route to a red finish of over 14%


This played out according to script, with early strength after a modest gap up, which then went green to red with essentially a morning panic reaction in tow. It gradually recovered the rest of the way to finish well off the lows but still red by over 4.5% An easy decision once it fell under the previous close to fade this beast.


Another gimmie. Opening flat at the hod, this one tanked from jump street to go red, lasting into the close and finishing down over 61% today.


As opined, this bolted out of the gate for a long scalp. Then, it began to fade for the opposite stance. The drawback is it opened above the 200 day SMA of 1.12 by beginning at 1.15 today. But it fell below that as time went on, providing a perfect fade opportunity. Once it cleared the previous close shortly after 11 A.M EST, a clear weakness cue beckoned. I expect many of my subscribers made money on this both ways!



A loss as I was wrong about the likely direction here. Also, it opened on a playable gap down of modest proportions, which faked out shorts by heading more below a bit, before gradually recovering to go red to green and it held that status into the close, finishing north by over 8.5% today.



Another useless gap down of some size and a lod open that went sideways and up to suggest a flat stance. Closed green by a bit more than 1 half of 1 percent. A push that did not really move anywhere all day.


I was definitely right about the long scalping, so at least I can claim a push here. Trouble here was the gap up prevented much choice for shorts other than staying flat. A top fishing fade did arise following the initial spiking, but I did not advocate this clearly here, only half-spirited. It very barely went green to red, but most shorts probably did not act as it was just price touching and no movement except hugging the flat line really. And by the time it did reach the red from green, so many red candles had eliminated the gap up and spiking gains that no entry expecting much more down side was realistic. All things considered, a push is order. Finished green by about 1 half of 1 percent.

Daily record: W-4 L-1-P-2


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