Thursday, October 14, 2010

Trade review 10-14-10

I got some of these things right...



I figured this was winding down, but this one was a near perfect fade play entry in the afternoon on the green to red cross. It glided down into the close finishing south by 5.5% today. As I said yesterday, keeping an open mind and not permitting your opinion warp clear price action signals is the name of this game.


Opening on a 7 cent gap down, this fell evenly all day into the close, which was red by 18% today. It failed near 3 as suspected, with no serious test. Down more after hours, by the way...


Perfect red floater entry. Opening at the hod, on a small gap up, a green to red cross occurred and this faded gradually into the close, finishing red by over 6% on the day.


Mission accomplished. We opened right near 8 at the hod and failed there immediately. Staying under 8, this faded gradually all day into the close, en route to a red finish of over 4.5% today.



A loss because of the choppy fake out price action. It turned out to have a bit more upside, as suspected, but many longs could have been stopped out as we went red and below the previous session close. It rebounded into the finish, but lots of damage was possible before then. Green close by over 3.5% today.


I am counting this as a loss, even though I could claim a push, since I was too wrong about the timing and direction. Never sporting a clear weakness cue, it just advanced gently early, then went sideways with an upward bias into the close, finishing green by over 5.5% today. I doubt anyone lost money since it looked upwardly mobile from the beginning today. The reddening 5 minutes in never went below the previous close, so staying flat was advisable.



My conditional entry never triggered, as this clunker did not expand upon the gains of last time, finishing red by over 6.5% today. It began tanking from the gun, a hod open, steadily into the close, so no long was possible and I said to remain flat in exactly such a case with regard to the early and continued price action.

Daily record: W-4 L-2-P-1


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