Thursday, October 14, 2010

Watchers for the 10-15-10 trading session


Not sure why this trash is up almost 120% today, but I like those odds. Short on confirmed weakness cues, remain flat otherwise. Kind of thinly trades, so be cautiously aware.


Incredible price action on this today. Next stop is 7.50 for a test. Really fast mover, so be careful. Sales outlook boost catalyst is now up after hours, too. In play both ways tomorrow, a long if we overtake 7.50 and build upon that on volume, and possible profit taking fade on a fail at the above number, a common psychological selling point. I expect early strength, and a possible long scalp, similar to the action today. What kind of day awaits will probably be obvious pretty early on. Keep an open mind and do not fight the tape.


Impressive breakout and new 52's here. Sure, its pure speculation that it will be part of an extended move up, but I am a day trader, so that does matter to me. I suspect the over reactive optimism continues tomorrow, at least initially, good enough for some early spiking/strength to long scalp into, or a bit more for something closer to an EOD exit. I would only enter long on significant early session bullishness, or stay flat here.


Nearing over extension after several up sessions, I look to fade this on confirmed weakness cues. Not into longs at this point, if it looks strong early I am flat.


Much like MBI I expect this financial stock has a bit more life left for Friday. Long on early strength, flat if it weakens. Both of these stocks should be monitored all day for buying binges. I suspect lots of gains will be had in short periods and plenty of boring consolidation most of the time.


Possible long bounce scalp out of the gate, only if it shows early upward promise. This could as easily have several red candle days left, despite being down quite a bit today. Live price action judgment situation.


Another stock that never seems to retreat, it tested 20 and closed under 19.50 and after hours it has retaken that level. I want to see if it holds 20, which means a long can be considered, or if we fall back below, yielding a fade play. These Chinese stocks have been really nuts lately.

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