Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Trade review 10-19-10

I got a few picks right...



Perfect fade here. Opening at the hod, this fell evenly all day into the close, finishing red by over 12% today.


A win despite an intra day spike above the previous day's high, since the entry signal did not come until the last hour as it faded into the close. Finished red by over 1.5% today. Braver souls could have entered once the stock traded below its opening price, but dual confirmation of trading also lower than the previous close limits profits but is often safer. Red floaters, especially on the bursts of old Supernovae often yield a 2nd down day.


This played out perfectly eventually. A gap down open went green and how about an hour in, and though it faded into the close and finished well off the highs, it still printed green by less than 1% on the day. Any conservative profit taking as it began to fail into the close made a lot more return than what it ended up at.



A loss because it opened a bit down then tanked from the gun but came storming back to green and past the previous session high, which means many shorts were stopped out. Choppy, frustrating  price action. Closed red by less than 1% on the day.


A loss as even though we never had a clear shorting cue since it opened on a gap up, I got the direction and timing too wrong here, assuming a long was too late to consider, etc. Green close by nearly 29% today. A top fishing fade would have been very hard to time the way this played one played out. Still in play, though.


Also still in play, this could be argued as a push given it is a Supernovae that looked reasonably strong again today, but in fact the early dive could have faked out shorts as it fell for s brief period below the previous session close. Opening on a gap up, it seemed like about 10 minutes in we would get the dump, but it came roaring back to close green by over 6% today. And it did that finishing well off the highs. A wild beast this is.



Arguably a win, since it closed lower than it opened and tanked from the gun. Opening on a gap up, after the initial down side it staged a recovery of sorts, to finish green by less than 1 half of 1 percent. Looking at the chart today, I assume most who were banking on the early reddening would have covered as it began to seriously move up. However, the frustrating choppy price action merits a push at best.

Daily record: W-3 L-3-P-1


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