Monday, October 18, 2010

Watchers for the 10-19-10 trading session


All eyes are on this Supernovae. Shares might be hard to find, hence the box and drop strategy is suggested. Short only on massive selling dumps, like morning panic or out of the blue afternoon cliff diving, or wait for traditional weakness cues that are confirmed to enter the fade. Probably nearing maturity, but volume is still increasing so far, so be careful and patient. We might get more than one play from this one this week.


New 52's but beginning to over extend. Usually, new yearly highs go up even more, short term. Here, so much recent upside begs to be profit taken. Another live price action situation. Long on early strength or from bell spiking in a long scalp or a bit more, depending on how it holds up, or short on traditional confirmed weakness cues, if they surface. Volume still strong, so it might require patient stalking to fade.


Cheapie up again even more than on Thursday. Shorts should note volume is still increasing, so patience will be required to fade this on confirmed weakness cues. A bit late for longs now. Top fishing for the fade is riskier than waiting for obvious dumping, but brave souls might do it on early spiking green candles that begin to peter out. I just wish the share price was higher here.


Like the above stock the price is a bit too cheap for my tastes. having reached 10+ cents per share on the current run up, some profit taking is bound to loom. Patiently stalk this for confirmed weakness cues to fade into. Longs are getting a bit toothy here, though the volume on each day has only increased so far.


Red floater scan return. A bit thinly traded, but hopefully more down side awaits on traditional confirmed weakness cues on day 2 of the reddening process. Avoid longs, stay flat without the aforementioned cues.


Possible early red to green. Down after hours but a lot of Bullish call activity on this. Working on filling a gap from mid July, in between highs were surpassed today. Enter long only if we get the red to green move, stay flat otherwise. Not looking to short this. Early or from bell spiking might yield a long scalp if it is really hot.


Now in 10 Newsletters and starting to experience fading volume, this pump may see some serious reversal of fortune soon. Today it recovered from an early tumble to finish green again. The end might come this week. Look for shares, it might crash and burn fast though, once it is dumped. Worse, it may be without warning.

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