Monday, October 25, 2010

Trade review 10-25-10

I got a few plays right...



Opening at the hod, this faded nicely en route to a red finish of nearly 27% today.


No massive spike up, but a decent short which I was biased to. Top fishing indeed as this opened at the hod and closed red with even gradual movement down into the close, which was green by over 10% today due to the big gap up which crapped.


Played out well enough for a win since early noise did not take out the daily low for stop running. Opening 1 cent green, without great early strength, the longer term hold applied. The stock fell early, then went red to green twice. It then moved up gradually for good, en route to a green finish of over 7% today.


This fade also played out decently, because the noise greening was slight and in the first useless 5 minutes of trading. Massive morning panicky dumping occurred on heavy volume from the gun, so the fade beckoned at once. The reddening action continued gently and mostly evenly into the close, which was red by 15% today. A last 5 minutes of the day spike happened, but most would have already covered at a profit or did so at once, preserving at least some of the booty.



Started and finished green, but by less than 1 half of 1 percent. Mostly sideways price action, no real gains. Worse, it fell under the previous session close and this could have led to stops being triggered for some longs. It recovered, but that is not a winning argument. Opened on a bit of a gap up, but the choppiness equals a loss.


Finished red by over 6.5% but with fake out prone choppy price action so foreboding it merits a loss. Opening on a modest gap down, it fell for the first 5 minutes then zoomed up, then fell red again and went green again later on. Despite its red close the choppiness was so profit hindering and loss enabling, it must be scored as a loss.



I would like to claim this as a win, as it closed negative by less than one half of one percent. However, its daily doji print close denies this possibility. Opening on a nominal gap down, the stock zoomed up from the bell. True, it did not take out the previous session high, so anyone trapped might have held, and nobody should have been caught short as it went up to achieve that high from the gun. A theoretical green to red then occurred later, which did not last or have any downward depth. But this happened so late in the day as to be of nominal worth. I did not specify a top fishing fade, which better describes most of the price action.

Daily record: W-4 L-2-P-1


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