Monday, October 25, 2010

Watchers for the 10-26-10 trading session


Red floater scan return. Theory here is to play for more gravy down side. Short only on confirmed weakness cues or massive dumping, stay flat otherwise, avoiding longs.


Possible early spiking long, which might be coincidentally a red to green as it is down after hours somewhat, assuming it stays that way into the open. Far more into a short on this on clear weakness cues or heavy volume dumping, especially early on.


4 test looming for this. Possible early red to green long, which might be held a while if it holds up. Not a short, might end up as nothing more than a scalp for the longs if it fizzles out.


Employee hiring news has this junk up big 2 days running. Profits will be taken soon, so on clear weakness cues or high volume dumping, this is a short entry. Stay flat otherwise. Such news tends to get old after a bit.


Up after hours and now looking to test 8, this is a long on a take and hold that on volume with acceleration. It is a short on a failed test of the same psychological profit taking zone.


Crappy stock up nearly 60% today, I expect a correction soon, so a fade entry on confirmed weakness cues. Possible early massive dumping might be short scalped as well. Not interested in a long, though it might have bit left. No obvious catalyst that I could immediately see. The news might be an old press release.


Company press release on a supposed improved financial condition moved this a bit on Friday, and massively today. I expect some correct looms, just patiently stalk it for clear weakness cues of heavy volume selling to fade into. These are profit booking scalps, like several of the plays tonight, unless otherwise noted.

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