Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trade review 10-27-10

I got a couple plays right today...



I nailed this call big time, as it when it re-opened it tanked fast and hard from the bell in panic selling from trapped longs. It soon bounced and finish well off the lows, but still red by nearly 20% today. A killer short scalp that moved hugely in a short time period, which permitted an easy entry and exit.


As I suspected, early strength awaited this POS as it zoomed out of the gate, yielding a long scalp at minimum. It later tanked and actually went red, then zoomed back trying for green and not quite really making it in a sustained manner, finally greening into the close to end up by 8% today. Money on scalps both ways!


Also playing out to the script, a mini-version of yesterday's moves occurred here. After the first usually useless 5 minutes, it zoomed up for a long scalp. But the best play happened as the stock gradually faded off, going from green to red and staying down nicely into the close, which was negative by over 7% today.


Opening on a gap up, this played out brilliantly for the long scalp from the gun, it soon faded, but never actually went red and closed green by over 11% today. These are tricky plays but potentially profitable. Top fishing fades are not advised on plays like this. Without a conventional shorting cue, the only try was a long.


All we got was a dinky bit more out of this, which pushed north from the gun, but petered out and eventually went red, though anyone with sense would have sold before it got that far. It advanced back to green in the last 2 hours to finish up by over 1.5% today. Like I said, the 1st day in situations like this is the best play.



I was too wrong about everything here to claim anything but a loss. Shorts were faked out early, too. Opening on a gap down, it went green and briefly dipped under, then advanced for good, after some consolidation while positive, closing up by over 15.5% on the day. Cutting losers quick and admitting you are wrong when the handwriting is on the wall is the key to making it in this business. Do not ever forget that if you want to last.



Arguably a win, and one on paper purely technically, as it finished red by a bit less than 1 half of 1 percent. Very nominal gap soon went green to red, yielding the anticipated short, but the range was too small and it recovered late to finish off of its lows after much sideways price action. At best, a push is in order here.

My unofficial plays went as follows:

ZIXI opened on a gap down, filled it and tried to go green a few times but essentially did not not, going sideways most of the rest of the way closing down over 1% and ENTG also flopped, opening on a gap down and never taking out the previous session high, finishing green by 1 half of 1 percent. Good thing neither of these picks made the final cut.

Daily record: W-5 L-1-P-1


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