Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Watchers for the 10-27-10 trading session


Halted by NASDAQ this is strong potential short if and when it re-opens. The move from 4 to 40 in a couple of days reminds strongly of a "Scamex" stock a few years ago called MXC that went from 4 to 50 in similar fashion. These low float buggers can really zoom when a bandwagon "me too" starts to unfold.


Now a Supernovae scan return and a red floater, the hope here is to short into confirmed weakness cues or heavy volume dumping. It seems to be weakening, but caution is advised. Possibly being promoted, once that fades so will it. Volume still climbing, this is another exercise in patience waiting for the ambulance to arrive.


This little POS blast from the past is up to its old tricks again, having advanced over 57% today and over 100% in 5 days. And it did so on relatively modest volume, no less. May still not be done, believe it or not, but it will be an awesome short quite soon, possibly as soon as Wednesday if the trading gods ordain it. I suspect early strength, which brave or foolish folks might scalp long. Obviously, on morning panicky heavy volume selling or confirmed weakness cues it is a fade entry.


Press release catalyst has this Supernovae scan return up over 100% in a few days. Now up after hours, it finished well off the highs today on increased volume. I expect similar price action tomorrow, with late to party buyers possibly spiking it up early or at the bell to long scalp into. Depending on how it holds up, it could be held a bit longer than a few minutes. Naturally, situations like these turn into great shorts on profit taking, so it is a fade play on confirmed weakness cues or massive selling dumps, especially early on panic.


Superman bought this at 6.50 and now look where it is at. Another low floater band wagon inspired mover, this is on my radar for Wednesday. Closed well off its highs. Different scenarios are possible, with one being a in effect repeat of the same price action with early spiking up to scalp long into, or just an immediate heavy volume dump to fade into. A live price action decision based on the headwinds. My bet is it heads south soon, but do not jump the gun until you get clear weakness cues or the aforementioned dump. These things can turn on a dime and squeeze when you least expect it!


Beginning to over extend, this is on short watch with confirmed weakness cues or heavy, hopefully early session, sell dumps. Since 10/14/10 this has hardly missed a beat. Remain flat otherwise, a bit late for longs.


New 52's on heavy volume. Short term these usually go a bit higher, so this is a long any early spiking up for a scalp or more, depending on how it holds up. Up after hours, this beat analyst estimates, which is why no significant run up into earnings occurred. Always remember on the first day at least of good news earnings surprises, the stock usually goes up nicely. More typical is a run up into earnings which prices in a lot. I have a hunch we could see a bit more out of this, but today was the best day for speculative longs, obviously.

Two unofficial stocks to watch are ZIXI which hit new 52's and closed on the hod, it might have a bit more upside left and is down after hours. Possible early red to green. ENTG which beat earnings forecasts and is also down after hours and may have a bit more upside left. Possible early red to green. No charts for these.

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