Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Trade review 10-5-10

I got some of these plays right...



After initial spike, this tanked fast and hard and had another one into the close, en route to a red finish of over 5% today.


Very nice spiking out of the gate for a long scalp, as suspected. Bullish option activity probably kept this moving up, it saw some profit taking but the top was hard to time exactly. The clean easy play was the green scalp on the initial spike. Up close to 7% on the day. No conventional shorting cue arose today.


Opening flat, this proved to essentially be the near or at the hod, which dumped nicely almost morning panic style and then continued to fade off gently the rest of the way, en route to a red finish of nearly 22% today.


Despite being up after hours before today's action, this had lots of room to go up, from the bell. Just as suspected. Green close by over 20% on the session. The easiest money made today, in my humble opinion.



Opening on a slight gap up, this went essentially nowhere, sporting a daily doji close. No full shorting cue signal arose, since it never traded below the previous session close and remained above its opening price except quite briefly. Closed green by a bit over 1% today but unchanged on the close compared to the open. As I was wrong about the timing and direction, a loss is in order, but this is arguably a push.


I could also try to argue this as a push, but since I am honest, I will not. The stock closed a cent higher than it opened, and whipsawed a few times. Since fake outs for losses could have occurred here, a loss seems right.



A spectacular afternoon dump, which eventually finished red by over 16% today. Opening on a modest gap up, this zoomed north, and I did not advise a long last night for such a case scenario. My hunches proved correct eventually, as it nose dived almost straight down about 2 hours from the close and kept going, though it did try to reverse and went green again briefly, before fading again into the close. I was half right, and the initial fall was so steep so fast that fading it would have been challenging. I ultimately got the direction and day right, though. I did not catch the long that was possible. All things considered, a push result.

Daily record: W-4 L-2-P-1


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