Monday, October 04, 2010

Watchers for the 10-5-10 trading session


Closed on hod. Might have bit more left, EOD longs are looking for a gap and profits here, but aside from any early spiking north scalps, I am hoping to see a fade entry here on the usual weakness cues.


Some very bullish gaps in this daily chart, but now working on over extension and possible tiring as it closed lower than it opened today. Short on confirmed weakness cues only. Flat otherwise. Volume is still strong, but it is lessening, so while case is advised, it might not be a long wait.


New 52's. Seems to be be quite bullish, nominally up after hours. Usually, short term new 52's go higher still, suggesting an early long or possible scalp north. But the last time we got a big green candle this stock sold off the very next session, etc. In play both ways tomorrow, it could also be profit taken on initial spiking for a fade entry. Or sport a more typical weakness cue to fade. The volume on this big up day of over 25% was rather modest, compared to earlier big move days. Option activity on this is interesting as well. Live price action here will determine our fence sitting position.


Closing lower than it opened, I am hoping we finally get a fade entry on this cheapie tomorrow. Volume seems to be lessening, so maybe we will soon be in business. Only enter on clear weakness cues, or stay flat.


Love the chart pattern of over extension with tapering off volume, hate the lower than ideal volume level itself. Short on confirmed weakness cues only, be flat otherwise. These include green to red moves, massive dumping, trading below the opening price on the day more than 5 minutes into the session, etc.


Up over 54% today on no obvious news, I look to fade profit taking, major dumps or other more typical weakness cues. Not into a long here so if it looks strong just stay flat. Under 10 cents a share, be aware.


Up over 20% after hours, it is very likely that goes higher still short term tomorrow. Say the magic words "cancer vaccine" and all sorts of speculators come out of the woodwork. Of course, it does not last, but in the immediate term long scalpers and possibly EOD closer bulls might hitch a ride with some safety in numbers. Once the profit booking commences, the other direction awaits for an entry. But that is probably later on tomorrow or even the next day. Watch the live price action here very carefully for clues on your best move.

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