Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Trade review 10-6-10

I got some of these picks correct...



It is about time this thing saw some distribution! Confirmed shorting signal came after early strength yet again dominated trading. About half way through the day a massive profit taking dump with a green to red entry arrived, eventually causing the stock to close red by over 12% today. Nominal gap down on the open.


I aced this long call, as the stock continued its greening as anticipated with mostly even upward mobility. Early strength ended in a 9% north close.



Nominal gap down whipsawed, and finished green by nearly 5% today. A clear loss as this red floater failed to yield additional down side, and it sported a fake out, although it was during the first 5 minutes of the session, and my readers should know not to enter in most cases during that period. A loss is a fair result.


Significant gap down negated any easy short entry. Green close by less than 1% today. A loss because I got the timing and direction wrong. After early floundering, it recovered off an on, especially into the close. A whipsaw occurred as it traded for a spell under its opening price during this process, so a loss is in order here.



Although it mostly fell from the open, it rallied into the close to whipsaw. Closed unchanged relative to the previous close and a tad above the opening today. A push result is in order on such a mixed outcome.


Arguable as a win since it gradually faded as the session wore on and closed lower than it opened by 16 cents, this is a push since the gap up open meant even with such tapering off the close was technically green by a bit over 1% today. No clear shorting signal, so a wash, but those risking a trade on price printing below the open probably made a bit of money shorting here, given the price action itself.


Finished unchanged relative to the previous session close. Intra-day it fell lower than its open, but it recovered to finish flat. Early shorts could have made money with a conservative exit, but such a mixed result is a push.

Daily record: W-2 L-2-P-3


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