Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Watchers for the 10-7-10 trading session


Supernovae scan return. Pinkie may be being promoted, by no means is it clearly toast yet, so be patient and box and drop or fade confirmed weakness cues, unless it just dumps like mad from the gun for a short scalp.
So far, only are showing up in my spam check, calling this a momentum stock.


Volume beginning to wane here, though it probably has a bit more gas left in the tank. Watch from bell. I do not see much spam here, but it is on watch for some profit taking soon. I suspect it creeps forward like the past few days, so early longs might pan out. Do not push your luck here, if it looks green early, get in and have your hand perched on the sell button at all times and treat as no more than a day trade at longest. Naturally if it dumps fast and hard with clear weakness cues the other side of the coin is possible, too.


Cheapie up over 113% today. I suspect it spikes a bit more from the gun then yields a top fishing dying momentum green candle fade to short into. It also might sport the more reliable weakness cues to enter on. Either way, a possible short. Beware, less than 3 cents per share.


Drilling news sent this soaring skyward. Might have bit more left, at least initially. Closed on hod. Possible green scalp on early spiking from late to the party longs. As always be flexible, it could be profit booked, yielding a short, but I see this as more of a ride early spiking up or be flat kind of deal.


Closing near the hod on good volume, this might have bit more left early on for longs. Possible 8 test which could prove to be a natural psychological selling point. Taking and holding that on acceleration is bullish and might point to an all day hold instead of quick morning scalp.


Conference call excitement should begin to wane soon. If and when it does a fade might arise on confirmed weakness cues or top fishing shorts on dying momentum green candles that result from at or near the bell spiking up. Also a short on our standard weakness cues. This and our last stock tonight are probably in play both ways on Thursday. Live price action will determine the fence sittings.


Probable gap over 0.80 tomorrow. Options activity seems bullish. I suspect it is strong early with spiking at or near the bell for a long scalp, followed by profit taking fading which might be a short entry on dying momentum green candles. Also a short on our standard weakness cues. The long is the most interesting play.

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