Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Watchers for the 10-13-10 trading session


People are bullish on this judging by the option activity and of course the stock price. Some speculation is driving it possibly if Schaeffer's Research is correct. In any case, I expect similar price action tomorrow, with a possible long scalp or a bit more, as late arrivals try to get in on the action. Ideally, this spikes on the open. New 52's usually go higher short term, in any event.


Another hot Chinese stock that closed on the hod today, I expect a possible early red to green and 3 test. Down after hours, this is a long on such price action. If it does not bounce early, hopefully from the bell, leave it alone.


Now a red floater, this is a short on confirmed weakness cues. Stay flat otherwise.
Closed well off the lows today, an encore might await and in any event a short scalp on early reddening.


Another 52 week high stock a bit pricey for my tastes, advanced on news that might continue to move it up, at least initially. Possible long scalp from the gun or nearby, if it drifts up slowly it might be held a bit longer, etc. One trouble spot is it is up after hours, very close to 18. A successful take and hold of that level is a long, but beware as such a number is a natural psychological selling point, so be prepared to fade a fail at that level if the price action dictates it. In light of all of the above, this could be in play both ways on Tuesday.


Nice moves but getting a bit overdone now. Possible fade on clear weakness cues only. Flat otherwise. This assumes no early spiking. Otherwise, this is a top fishing dying momentum fade entry if it spikes yet again out of the gate. Live price action situation here. Up nominally after hours.


First red day of Supernovae. More reddening possible if it sells off early or from the bell. Fade entry only on clear weakness cues. Flat otherwise. If it looks strong early avoid acting. Live price action situation again. Sometimes you get more down side on day 2, and sometimes not. Always watch a popped Supernovae on day 2 though for the gravy short play.


Another possible early red to green long on the cross over, assuming it opens flat or slightly down, with meandering price action. Fundamentally not a short, but remember the conference call is the 13th I think like 11 A.M. EST if it sells off I would just be flat. I assume this makes another run at 10 if it continues the fun up.

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