Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Let's help Timothy Sykes out...

Timothy Sykes, creator of the online financial review site Investimonials needed 300 reviews a few days ago to pass the 10K mark since the inception of the site. A trader's expo is Thursday in Las Vegas, which if I recall correctly Tim is attending. It would be nice for him and the web site to reach that number by game time.

While you are at it, please review MY blog on Investimonials using the link below, I would appreciate it!

New features of the site include an ability to rate Twitter profiles, which is very cool as some of them post live trades and updates but do not have web pages, blogs, or business services.

Also check out Profit.ly which permits users to post trade results with some verification. Tim's approach to trading, aiming at transparency, is a breath of fresh air in a field where such a practice is rare. The 2 sites above are an attempt to address that problem. Keep up the good work, Tim!

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