Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Trade review 11-16-10

Please read the following post first: Big T's request!

I got a couple of these things correct...



This played out perfectly. A gap up hod open that fell below the open then the previous close with nice reddening the rest of the way, closing down nearly 30% today.


This played out well early on with nice upside price action. It tapered off as the session advanced and faded into the close, but that was still green by nearly 1.5% today. Any realistic exit would have yielded more coin.



Choppiness means a loss due to fake out woes. Slight gap down open teased and squeezed, fading into the close but still that was green by around one half of one percent.


Sadly, no dollar test and nothing left for longs. It filled the gap in the first 5 minute candle to become flat relative to the previous close, then tanked the rest of the way evenly into the close, which was red by 20% on the day. I was enough wrong here to merit a loss. Quite likely nobody got faked out here, a silver lining.



This opened totally flat on the lod, giving no shorting cue as it zoomed up from near the gun. No action was called for so this can be counted as a push. Anyone who shorted here should study more about price action. Such early strength is impossible to safely fade into. Green close by over 12% today.


A gap and crap to die for, this hod opener just dived and I said to remain flat if it fell below 2.50 which means no action. Red by 22% today. Nobody sane was faked out here long as it dropped from the bell. As it quickly did not hold 2.50 with acceleration north for the hoped for long, the only play was to do nothing.

My unofficial pick SRS did not pan out. Opening at the lod, it rose from the bell and never looked back, closing green by over 6% today and retaking the 50 SMA on the upside.

Daily record: W-2 L-2-P-2


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