Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Trade review 11-17-10

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I scored a few victories today...



Aside from a brief later session spike, this played out to script, finishing red by nearly 2% today. It fell steadily from the start and into the close.


Qual Sec changed its name to Vitamin Spice, sorry for the snafu. This worked to script. Opening on a gap up, this went sideways for 30 minutes and then tanked nicely, and despite closing strongly finished red by over 11% on the day.


Another perfect short, this opened at the hod on a gap up, then fell quickly. It went green to red, yielding a shorting cue. This faded evenly into the close, which was down by over 7% today.


Nominal gap up proved to be equal to the hod, which then faded evenly except for one early retest of greening that quickly failed. Mostly flat price action followed with a red finish of nearly 1.5% today.


Opening on a gap up, aside from one early dip fake out red, this advanced nicely, though it faded a bit into the close, which was green by over 1% today. The aforementioned noise never stopped out for correct stops.


Opening on a gap down that proved equal to the hod, this fell nicely and mostly evenly into the close, which was red by 11% or so.



Opening on a gap down, this sported choppy price action, ultimately finishing unchanged. It fell into the close. At best a push can be claimed here, but the possible fake outs merit a loss result.

Push: None

Daily record: W-6 L-1-P-0


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