Monday, November 22, 2010

Trade review 11-22-10

I got a couple of these things right...



This played out well enough. It never broke above the previous session high, and faded in the afternoon, dropping into the close, which was red by over 37.5% today.


This worked out nearly perfectly, going red to green from a gap down open soon into the session. It held up all day, closing green by over 11% today.


This closed green, as predicted, but only by less than 1 half of 1 percent. Mostly flat price action ensued all day, which was uninspiring. A technical win. Daily doji print, how fitting. Arguably a push, but not less.



A loss since while it opened somewhat green, it soon fell red but faked out shorts, going back green for good and climbing into the close, which was up by over 6% today.


Essentially a gap and crap. This opened up, moved north a tad then began to fade, holding out from actually reddening until the close neared. Finished red by over 3.5% today, so a loss.


A loss due to 2 choppy fake outs, one early and the other later on, that could have lost money. Recovered twice, en route to a green finish of nearly 4.5% today.



Another gap up open. Never really weakened on cue, strong most of the way en route to a green finish of nearly 19% today. Remaining flat was called for, hence a push.

No weakness cues ever arrived here. It opened up and mostly advanced gradually all day evenly into the close, which was green by over 10% today. A flat stance was obvious, I doubt anyone reading me lost here.


A clear weakness cue never occurred to short into. We opened on a modest gap up, this continued to gently and nominally climb with only a fall back to the flat level, never actually going red permitting a dive in. Closed green by a little more than 2% today. A flat stance was suggested, hence a push.


This played out perfectly on the early scalp, as it spiked up from near the gun nicely. Once it peaked it began to dive, but longs almost surely bolted with some gains. It corrected all the way to a bit under the flat line, then drifted even further south late into the close, which was red by over 6.5% today. The split decision merits at least a push, but it is arguably a win given the scalping opportunity.

Daily record: W-3 L-3-P-4


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