Sunday, November 21, 2010

Watchers for the 11-22-10 trading session


Biggest volume printing yet, this is soon due for correction. As the aforementioned volume has yet to weaken while sporting a new price high or a flat close, be careful, it still might have life left in it. Fade on clear weakness cues, keep flat otherwise. Again, not into longs at this point on early strength, but it might test 1.00


Flat close means the comments from last time still apply on a fade entry from over extension. Keep flat otherwise. Volume keeps dropping so we might get a chance as early as Monday.


Supernovae scan return junk up over 300% on Friday. Box and drop to lock in shares or risk timing the top, fading on confirmed weakness cues if you can get a fill. Acquisition and name change catalyst, possibly. In a case like this, it is  crap shoot on whether or not in continues up Monday. Just stalk and be ready to dive in.


Great daily chart. Classic break out from long consolidation in a range. Strong possible early on red to green long. Down after hours, by the way. Ideally this goes green before entering. From that point the duration of the trade will depend on price action. It may end up a scalp. If we fail to go positive and hold, avoid long or short.


New 52's. Earnings surprise winner might have late optimists arrive on Monday for a long scalp or more, depending on price action. This has to look good early and often for a play to be considered, a spike on heavy volume is a plus. Not a penny stock but it looks potentially promising.


Another earnings surprise without new yearly highs, this one might have early upside spiking action to long scalp into, which might be held a bit longer, depending on how it holds up. Closed well off its highs on Friday, might have a less impressive encore. Up over 7% after hours, so do not get carried away here.


Promotion now on watch for a big dump to short or red scalp into, or the same into clear weakness cues. Might not be done yet, so only chase blood in the water. A bit late in the day for a safe and sane long.


Much like the previous stock, see my above comments. Note the volume is still increasing, so be patient and wait for clear dumping or verified weakness cues before fading it. Odds are better it might not be quite done.


Red floater scan return, first down day after several session run-up. I expect more down side if we open flat and go under the opening price or nominally green and go red early. These both can be shorted, good enough at least for a scalp or a longer hold, depending upon how aggressive the selling is.


The volume jump from the speculation on this was quite something on Friday. I am looking for more in the same direction. If this spikes early or gradually advances up, a long is to be considered. Not into a short here.

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