Monday, November 29, 2010

Trade review 11-29-10

I got a few picks right today...



Gap down open, then nice tanking that continued evenly into the close, which was red by over 5% today.


Opening flat, which proved to be the hod, this one sported sensational morning panic dumping from near the open, and while it spent the rest of the session recovering and finished well off the lows, it was still red by over 9% today.


A cheap win as while it was choppy it advanced from the previous session close. Closed strongly, up over 2% today. Not ideal price action by any means but many stops probably held, and were alright by the finish.



A loss due to a fake out. Opening on a gap up, it soon went red, then rebounded, hugging the flat line and then going positive into the close, which was green by over 1% today.


A loss due to short squeezing. This broke the previous high by enough to have triggered a number of stops. It ultimately closed under 4, as hoped, but that was meaningless considering how it actually played out. Green by over 3% today. Top timing would have been challenging, here.



Unchanged close relative to the session open. Daily doji print. Gap down open, closing well off the lows. Some shorts probably covered at a gain, but technically all that can be claimed is a push. Green by over 1.5% relative to the previous close, but that was lost in the gap so it is deceptive.


This is arguably a win since it had a bit more out of the open to scalp up into, but it did not last. Closed lower than the open on the day, and over 1% down overall. Another gradual run upwards could have made money, but all things considered, a push is in order given the mixed results.

Daily record: W-3 L-2-P-2


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