Sunday, November 28, 2010

Watchers for the 11-29-10 trading session


Now "up" sessions are green by less than 2% so hopefully they will pull the plug as early as Monday. Box and droppers have ensured share availability, everyone else hoping to short this just takes their chances. It still might not be done, but it should be getting close. Going long is very risky by this point. Such an NXTH like situation is better shorted, if possible and when applicable. Fade on massive dumping or any of our usual confirmed weakness cues.


See my comments from last time, they mostly still apply here. Volume is falling, perhaps a distribution session awaits to fade into. Let us see if 7.75 is the ceiling. If we take that or 7.80 out we might push to 8, but since this has extended a lot already, I would be more inclined to cover a squeeze than to go long.


Red floater. Clear multi-month down trend with lower highs, the plan is to short heavy sell pressure or clear weakness cues. Not into a long here. Anything above 0.58 is a squeeze cover, certainly any take/hold of 0.60 would be a bad sign for shorts.


If going long here be careful, the past 2 days have been unreal but it probably will not last forever. Possibly this has a bit more early or from the gun to scalp up into. I would bolt at the first sign or trouble if it zooms north out of the open. Nice volume, hope the party continues. Not as keen on a short, if it weakens, I am flat.


Nice 3 month chart. Good volume with break out take and holds of upper 3.90's and more importantly 4. New 52's. Short term, these usually power higher initially. Up after hours. A pullback entry long if it holds 4 or on early spiking up, is possible. Not interested in a short here if it falters.


A nice run so far but beginning to look a little top heavy. Volume starting to wane, so the plan is the fade confirmed weakness cues or heavy selling pressure from profit taking via previously holding swing longs. It might not quite be over yet but the long seems a bit tardy by this point. Thinly traded, so factor that in here.


4 has been a ceiling of sorts on this lately. It got above that on a its peak day hod a few sessions ago, but it fell from 4.12 to finish under 4. Short this on petering out at 4 or late session fading. If it takes 4, do not go long but watch for another fizzle out. Also a fade entry on early heavy dumping or confirmed weakness cues. You may have to top fish fade this if it displays price action like that of the 22nd. Hopefully not, though.

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