Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Watchers for the 11-24-10 trading session


See my comments from last time, nearly everything still applies. Still waiting to fade this my preconditions are met, or remain flat if not. NXTH Wollstein-like price action continues, but it will come around, eventually.


Lots of attention today by several names in the promotion game. Not sure if that means anything as many are probably "me too" reactionaries looking for a free ride with ignorant followers. Only compensated outlets count directly in this business. I suspect this might move up or spike early, then fade. At any rate this is likely to correct soon. Any massive dumping or clear weakness cues are shorting cues. A live price action thing.


NASA contract winner rolled today, and late arriving longs might support it in early or from bell spiking up to long scalp into. Closed well off the highs. Small market cap, this might squeeze early over eager shorts, contributing to the party. Profit taking or burned shareholders might also use a spike to unload, so it might be in play both ways tomorrow. Another live price action thing. I prefer the long scenario if it pans out as any short is more likely to be a top fishing fade cue entry rather than the usually preferred conventional signals.


Red floater scan return. Plan is to hope for more down side to short into. This assumes confirmed conventional weakness cues, or just keep flat. Ideally, it opens nominally green or flat and goes red more than 5 minutes into the session to enter.


Earnings surprise and new 52's, this one might have more upside if the Dow/S&P cooperates tomorrow. Since it is a NYSE stock it is tied more to the big indexes. Short term, the odds look good if it starts off strong, in which case a long awaits.


New 52's at 1.60 which it might test tomorrow. I like this on a long if it opens flat or just barely green, or otherwise holds 1.45ish. If not, I am flat here.


Very strong the past few days. Closed off the highs but another test of 7.50 may await on early spiking, which might be long scalped or held longer if that number is held on volume with momentum. This is also a short on a failed test of the same. Always remember such increments are psychological profit booking points.


Plenty of "me too" mentions on this on the promotion circuit. I expect more of the same early to long scalp into. Not sure how long it lasts, but who cares. Not interested in a top fishing short entry, too hard to time.

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