Thursday, November 25, 2010

Watchers for the 11-26-10 trading session

Not sure if Friday is a shortened session or not, but my recap from Wednesday I will publish later in order to get this out live before midnight on Turkey day...


An impressive stock lately. New 52's. Short term, these usually go higher. Possible early strength or from bell spiking to long scalp into or a bit more, depending on how it holds up. Live price action situation again here.


Many might ask, why not go long during such a run-up? Well, despite its inching NXTH-like price action, such stocks often drop big in seconds, and are hard to get out of at reasonable prices once the fix is in. They are better to short or box and drop if need be, as opposed to watching it live all day with a finger on the mouse sell-button at the slightest hint of trouble. This is due soon for a tumble, and I would like to be there when it does with borrows. See my previous list comments for details, little has changed.


Up on speculation, this junker might have a bit left from late to the party "me-too" longs from the gun or early on, but it will also be in play short quite soon once profits are booked or the peanut gallery decides the firm is overrated. Fade on massive dumping or conventional weakness cues, etc.


Long above 4.50 and holds on strong volume with acceleration, and short on a failed test of that level. Pierced it Wednesday but closed below. This type of setup gives easy trade direction feedback and promptness of the same, which is why I like it so much.


Volume is starting to decline a bit and this seems near over extension. It might have a bit more left but this is a fade on frantic heavy sell pressure, especially early, or conventional clear weakness cues. If 7.50 holds early that might not be a great sign for shorts. I hope it dies, naturally.


I want to see how this handles a 4 test. It does not matter if we gap over or under, a fail at 4 is a possible short (but less interesting and worthwhile here) and a take and hold of the same level is a possible long entry on more greening. Always watch such psychological levels for cues as to how the crowd will will cast votes.


New 52's again. Nice volume. Might have bit more left if we can stay green or open down a tad and go green or open flat and move up, to long scalp into or more, etc. Depending on how it holds up it might be held a bit.

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