Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Trade review 12-14-10

I got a few of these things right...



Opening on a 1 cent gap down near the hod, this gradually faded, slightly rising into the close, which was still red by 3.5% today. Boring, but it was easy enough.


Opening on a clear gap down but at the hod, this gradually fell off, lasting into the close, which was red by over 16.5% today. Some of that was lost in the gap, but not all of it, as it closed lower than it opened.


This rose nearly 8% today, in price action eerily reminiscent of HHWW and a few other past promotions. The gradual move up sported an early pull back, but that stayed above the previous session close to hold stops.



We only tested the previous session high, not 2, today. We closed negative by 1 half of 1 percent. No real ride up occurred, but choppy fake outs did during the session. I was wrong enough here to merit a loss.


Arguably a win, but too choppy. It zoomed up over 3 out of the open, but fell back red underneath the opening price, before rebounding above 3 then back again, etc. Then it went sideways into the close, which was green by over 1% today. The whipsawing merits a loss.



A no play push as this opened near the lod and advanced from the gun, spiking initially, retreating and flat lining the rest of the way. Closed green by over 78% today.


A no play with a low put in during the first 10 minutes. We never quite tested 7 to watch for a fail there. Despite a gap up, after the initial rise it flat lined for the remainder of the of session. Without a test I said to keep flat, and I did not favor a long even on a take and hold of 7. That also did not occur, and while it closed green by over 1% today, and high than it opened most of even that was lost in the gap. A push is called for.

Daily record: W-3 L-2-P-2


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