Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Watchers for the 12-15-10 trading session


Shaping up as a nice Supernovae, this soared over 78% today on day 2. Box and drop, or fade confirmed weakness cues or massive sell dumps/panics. Keep flat otherwise.


Red floater scan return on recent over extension play. The idea is to play for more down side on (hopefully early) massive sell dumps or panic, or entry short on the usual confirmed weakness cues. That is best achieved with a nominally green or flat open, instead of a big gap up or down. Keep flat on Bullish moves up.


Bargain hunter support bounce long play, possibly just a scalp or a bit more depending on how it holds up if it greens early. Bearish volume is falling, and some support at 2.13ish exists on the daily chart. If this area proves to be a floor with perking up on a test, an entry for the Bulls might flourish. Any fall below 2.10 or 2.00 might mean further down side. This might be shorted but it is less tasty since it has already fell so much.


Took out 2.92 and 3 for new 52's. Down after hours, possible early red to green long. If we fail at 3 I would be less inclined to short it. I am hoping for a take and hold of 3 on volume to buy into. Any pull back entry should be no lower than 2.50 and the play is busted if it fails to to hold that.


This one is a lot like SLTM and is another yearly high achiever, which also closed on the hod. If it opens flat or nominally red, an early red/flat to green could yield a bit more upside to buy into. Not into a short here, so if it weakens I am just flat.


This artificial mover (see last few lists for details) seems like 1.70+ here we come. It might have a bit more, and the volume is still strong on the buy side, but keep an eye out for a short soon on massive dumping with heavy volume or any of our typical confirmed weakness cues. Once this breaks down it might tumble far fast. If you are long this early on more inching up moves, keep a finger on a sell button and remain at your station.


In play both ways tomorrow. First off, it had huge green volume in the last 2 hours today and it is up after hours. A spike from the gun might be scalped north, with an exit on the first sign of trouble. But more practical should be a top fishing short on the same early spike, (or gap and crap) once it begins to peter out. A number of folks are in long and will probably sell into this as it is already up quit a bit. This fade can be held longer, if more join the selling party as the session goes on, although it might reach a sideways bore fest to cover into.

Unofficially watching TDCP which is too cheap for my tastes ideally. Still strong on volume, it closed off the highs today. Might have a tad more to scalp into long on an early spike or fast red to green move. I am more interested in a fade on this, as it is becoming overdone. Not sure if we are there yet by tomorrow, but any panic dumping with heavy volume or standard confirmed weakness cues would be most welcome as a short.

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