Monday, December 20, 2010

Trade review 12-20-10

I got some of these things right...



Bingo! Nice gap up crapped and went green to red then a major dump occurred lat morning. Closed red by over 7.5% today.


Another gap and crap, this one indeed failed the 1.50 area quite early. Eventually it went red and stayed that way, moving sideways into the close, which was down by over 5% today.


Definitely closed off of the highs, as anticipated. A cheap early greening scalping victory with early greening soon failed and went red, which stayed that way into the close, that was negative by over 4% today.



A big miss. This looked possible alright early, then it picked up steam. Really good into the close, tapering off but still green by nearly 2% today.


This may have finished green, but only technically. If closed lower than it opened, faking out early longs by going red and then flat lining, moving up only into the close which was barely positive, avoiding a no changer.



Another no-play on this one, which failed to go below 1.80 or above 1.86 at any time. Green by a bit over 1 half of 1 percent today.


A no play here as the stock never really tested 2, opening near the hod, which fell rapidly and sported up and down price action all day. Closed red by over 3.5% but the lack of clear signals suggested a flat stance. The gap down did not help matters on this set up.

Daily record: W-3 L-2-P-2


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