Monday, December 20, 2010

Watchers for the 12-21-10 trading session


Now that heavy volume selling has arrived. More might follow tomorrow as anxious longs get more nervous. The chart pattern having broke down, if any more pessimism arrives it will just be gravy, if you can find shares.


Like TNGS and HHWW or NXTH etc.This one reeks of possible manipulation. Having taking 4, more steady inching up might be in store for this hod closer. Eventually the run will be pulled and a big drop awaits, so either look for shares and box to drop, or swing it long with one hand and eye on the sell button at all times. A fade on any massive dumping or the usual confirmed weakness cues as well, but it may not be ripe.


See my previous session comments on this, little has changed. Still consolidating sideways. It is just a waiting game now for the big up or down move. More likely it will be down, but if not, more up moves will be far less impressive most likely than the inevitable fall from grace which will probably yield much more in down side.


Straight up. Closed on hod. Might test 2.50 but that needs to be monitored for a natural selling point. A fade on such a test fail or immediate selling off at or near the bell. In theory if it holds and perks up off of 2.50 it's a potential long, but I do not like this anywhere near as much as the shorting scenarios, which are good enough for a scalp at the worst, and even more at the best. Big share price losses in September will take care of that.


Nice chart. Prospective longs would like any dip to keep above 1.06 and 1 buck absolutely. Closed on hod. Might keep going here for a play. We may know early either way. Not as excited on the fail to fade this one.


Now down after hours, but possible early red to green and or early spiking. Longs are possible on these. A top fishing short may arise out of this, which is usually tricky to time and suggested only respecting the risks.


Still inching along, this might pick up steam. Some promotion evident. Potential long on early greening with rules much like those for something like FCCN if doing so.

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