Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Trade review 12-21-10

I got some of these things right...



About as close to perfect as you are gonna get! After a bit of early flat lining, this cliff dived into oblivion, rewarding shorts still in from last time, or those who shorted the gap down as it began to collapse. After the initial fall, it continued to offer more gravy until it limped into the finish down over 43% today.


True, it did not test 2.50 and then fail. It dumped out of the gate as suspected. Despite the gap down, this was a clean fade that soon traded (and stayed) below the opening price, closing near the low, which was red by over 14% today. I liked the shorting scenarios far better than the buys, due to the bag holder effect, etc.


Opening on a gap up, this mostly steadily advanced, then went sideways into the finish, which was green by over 5.5% today. These inchers can be longed if you get into them early enough and keep sentry live on them.



Yeah, we got an early red to green long, but it did not last. A gradual decay ensued off the decent highs, which accelerated into the close to finish red by more than 3% today. A disappointing outcome for this one.


I could try to claim at least a push, as I got the direction right and such, but I am as honest as they come for blog writing on stocks, so I will not. Reason is the stock moved up nicely out of the gate, but soon fell red, and then it took out 1.06 by 1 cent, which might have tripped stops for longs. It rebounded furiously, going back green and closing up over 4.5% today, but that does not mean the whipsaw did not happen. A loss.



Enormous gap down negated and prevented any entry, though a possible win could be claimed on the stupendous bounce that ensued out of the open. This was glorious, but despite all the gap closing greening, it still closed red by over 21% today. Give you an idea of how big the gap was!


Another no play day, as this failed to convincingly take out 1.86+ or 1.80 for the short. Very brief noise under 1.80 occurred, but this and the zero print may have been tape painting or some such thing. The volume was light on the sell side, and more and more it seems like we are due for more temporary upside before the tank. Closed green by a bit more than 1 half of 1 percent. Consolidating price action like this is annoying, and it could go on for days before resolving. Any of the moves above or below the above prices need big volume.

Daily record: W-3 L-2-P-2


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