Monday, December 27, 2010

Trade review 12-27-10

I got some of them right...



This short killer began to gently fade from the open, and a rally tried to go green & lasted very briefly, quickly failing and regaining descent on the green to red, thus 2 possible entries. Closed down by over 14% today.


The herd did as I had hoped for, though we never tested 1.50 today. Opening on a gap down, we dived soon after. Although it recovered to close off of the lows, the close was still red by over 9.5% today.


The beat went on for this promotion as suspected. Easily taking 0.30 as predicted, it held up all day into the close, which was green by nearly 33% today.



A choppy, clear loss. Usually, such set-ups tend to advance a bit more, but that did not happen here. Opening on a gap up, the stock soon faded, but recovered to go green, only to fall back under to the red side. This fade continued into the close, which was south by over 11% today.



Partial credit. It did close lower than it opened, but still green by nearly 22% today. Opening on a clear gap up at the hod, it never went red to give a clear shorting signal.


We never printed below 0.50 today. Opening near the lod, it advanced from near the gun mightily, and even though it closed off of the highs, it still finished green by 150% today. I said to keep flat in such a case.


I was right, we easily saw 3. Closing off of the highs by fading in the afternoon into the close, it was possible to fade this, but the long on the 3 test was for choice. I preferred the short, but the mixed outcome merits a push. Green close by nearly 65% today.

My unofficial play, WLOC began to set up a possible play for the next session, retesting 1.86 today. It finished green by over 3% on the day with a hod close. Boring consolidation might be history soon, I hope.

Daily record: W-3 L-1-P-3


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