Monday, December 27, 2010

Watchers for the 12-28-10 trading session


Closed lower than it opened. In effect the first red day of its Supernovae. Still green by a lot on the day, owing to the gap up. Volume beginning to decline, so the plan is to fade massive dumping, especially early panic. Also a short on typical confirmed weakness cues, etc. Not into a long at this point, so on greening I am flat. Always remember if such a play spikes up from the gun that is the worst thing for you as a short, as you are always going to be tempted to top fish the decline, which is usually easier said than done. Nominally green, flat or red opens are easiest to enter upon weakening signals.


First red day of Supernovae. Fell over 14% today but might still have some down side to fade into. Analysis to proceed is similar to that of RPC described above.


See my comments from last time, they mostly still apply. Now in 14 Newsletters, live price action will determine whether the dump comes tomorrow or not. My guess is it may have a bit more left. If it looks good early, it might be longed with continuous monitoring. At this point I would borderline rather miss the last gasp and focus on trying to catch the crash, but it could still hit 0.40+ for less risk averse longs.


Ongoing Supernovae, big gap up today and no red day yet. Volume increasing, do not short without massive sell dump panics or confirmed weakness cues. Upper shadow height relative to the actual close points to a bit of slowing momentum, but it may easily have more gas left. An early red to green might be long scalped. Obviously the best play will be the fade, but be patient. Always short weakness wherever possible.


First red day for this Supernovae. Down under 10% today, so it may have a bit more down side the trading gods willing. Fade on morning panic or confirmed weakness cues. Keep flat on greening. Up a bit after hours.


Second up day for this Supernovae. Volume still increasing, and while it closed off of the highs, it might not be done yet. I was possibly wrong about the lack of news as a catalyst, there appears to be some buzz. An early red to green long or long scalp on early or open spiking up might be a play here. Naturally, the best play will soon be the fade on massive sell dumps or confirmed weakness cues. Short into weakness only if possible.


Up over 73% today, this might have some more gas left in the tank in the form of an early or from gun spike up that could be long scalped. An early red to green long might be in the cards additionally. The hold time will depend on how well it hangs in there. No obvious news catalyst, but the emotion and volume is loud and clear. Also a fade on the usual early panic selling or confirmed weakness cues. Down a bit after hours.

Unofficial stock picks, posted without charts:


A recent main list regular. Perked up today and tested and finished exactly at 1.86 so now the play depends on how we open tomorrow. A long on breaking above the above price with volume. Less enticing is a test fail of the same for a fade. Ideally, we get the long set up for a play. It's about time...


Conditional entry on this nice hammer candle set up. Idea is to enter long. Confirmation would be advancing above the hod today on volume, which is 4.70 and that is only a cent above today's close. Anything above 4.81 might extend the momentum north. Avoid any shorts on failure to obtain a long entry, just keep flat.

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