Thursday, December 30, 2010

Trade review 12-30-10

I got some of these picks right...



Another boring win, but I will take it. Opening on a gap up, it soon went red, yielding a short signal. Stayed red with gentle downward sideways action into the close, which was south by over 2% today again.


A perfect play as this opened on a gap up at the hod and quickly went green to red. It continued to gradually decline, finishing down by over 21% today.


Another day at the office here, as it kept above 2 as suspected and advanced nicely. A near dip late morning under was scary, but anyone long earlier with a sound stop stayed in and reaped the benefits of an EOD exit. The fact that support held on a test was a good sign for longs. Closed green by over 4% today.


Textbook day 2 gravy play off a fading Supernovae. Opening flat near the hod, it tanked in the first 30 minutes and its bounces never too out the opening price level. Gradually it winded up fading and going sideways into the close, which was red by 20% today.


A perfect low risk "me too" long after options were taken by a big name player, this advanced mostly evenly all day into the close, which was green by over 13% today following a gap up open. A pull back entry occurred that was a bit scary for early longs (below the open) but it never actually went red at any point.


This worked both ways. First, as a long scalp out of the box, then a top fishing fade on dying momentum. It also was a fade once it vanquished the the opening price and began to trade consistently under it. The stock closed lower than it opened, but still green by over 5% today due to the predictable gap up.


A great set up on this as it indeed dumped hard from the bell. Following a gap up near the hod, it soon went red outright yielding a shorting signal. Later on it traded negative sideways, accelerating into the close, which was down by over 14% today. Not a big surprise the long failed, as it already had a run-up into today.



After a deceptive gap up, this failed miserably. It went green to red soon after, faking out early longs. The declining and side grinding price action continued into the finish, which was south by over 4.5% today.


I would like to claim this as at least a push, but cannot. It did go the direction I hoped for though. Shorts eventually won, but not before the whipsaw gap down open red to green printed a high beating the previous one, which means some folks short would have been stopped out. Once it went back red, it stayed that way into the close, which was south by nearly 14% today. Some longs might have been toasted similarly.



Arguably a win, but more fairly a push. This dumped hard as expected from near the gun, which was easily exited with at least some profits as it gradually recovered off of the lows. Tiny candles followed all day inching back up to eventually go green. It actually closed that way, up over 7.5% today. Almost all shorts would have covered by that time, though. Nobody sane was long. No early spiking or strength, as expected.

Daily record: W-7 L-2-P-1


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