Thursday, December 16, 2010

Watchers for the 12-17-10 trading session


Still on a date with 2 bucks. See my previous comments, they mostly still apply. Getting awfully late in the day. Really watch the reaction to 2, it might fail there and yield the fade entry, or even more greening on a take and hold of it with strong volume.


This is eventually gonna tumble, but currently it is consolidating. Possible short on a fall below 1.80 and a long on moves above 1.85 if either are on volume and hold. My guess is the party is not quite over yet.


New 52's. Really seems to be picking up. Short term might go higher. Any early red to green or flat and rising moves are a long. Watching 7.50 to see if that holds. If it does not, get out. Not a short, weakness means keep flat.


See my comments for GUID, they mostly apply for this stock, another 52 week high candidate for a long. If it drops below 8 keep flat. A pull back entry has to keep above this.


Over extending but still has strong volume, so be careful. Some resistance at 0.25 recently and within the past year. Potential short on a fail at another run at that level. Possible long up to that price if it opens flat or barely red or nominally green and advances. I am more into the short if we peter out on a run at 0.25 than the long.


A junker that might nevertheless test 3 again tomorrow or rather soon. A run-up might be long scalped. It died at 3.24 October 13th of this year. Not into a top fishing short try here, unless it really spikes.


Press release catalyst. Hard to believe but more idiots could arrive tomorrow to long scalp into a spike if it happens early or from the gun. Also a short on early heavy selling pressure or our standard confirmed weakness cues. I try to avoid stocks under .10 for my lists and personally, so be aware of that here.

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