Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Watchers for the 12-2-10 trading session


See my comments from last time, they mostly still apply. I know, I know, I have said that many times on this, but eventually a big down day on heavy volume with massive dumping is likely to occur. Look for shares or better yet, box and drop, but remember when you do drop to only do so on a clear free fall, or be prepared to curse your premature giddiness.


Closed on hod. Possible gapper that could provide early or better yet from the gun spiking up that could be long scalped. Longer hold if it sustains its direction. If we fail to gap up I remain flat, unless we are flat or barely red and quickly go green.


Another low float surprise up on news over earnings, this one closed well off its highs and shows up as a Supernovae scan return. I am looking for more early or from bell spiking up to long scalp into, hopefully. Like today, it might not last, so I would be out at the first sign of caving. Top fishing a short is usually not advised, so the fade portion if this plays out to script I would step aside for. We will know early on if this is in play.


Newsletter mention causes a stir and leads to some shorts getting squeezed. I suspect this yields a short tomorrow, probably following a gap up. Hopefully it will not be too large so a true top fishing entry is not needed. Conventional clear weakness cues are also a potential short. Nominally green or flat open is optimum.


Another possible 2 test may await. If we can take and hold it on strong volume, it might keep going for a longer hold, perhaps an EOD exit. Shorting a failed test might be possible but I am not suggesting it here.


I would like this not to gap over 7, but to instead open flat or a bit down and go green. Taking and holding 7 on volume might yield a long with an EOD exit.


Revenues rose while profits slipped, but this zoomed up early and is now greening after hours. I am hoping for an encore of that kind of price action early or from bell to long scalp into, exiting at the first sign of trouble. Not into a short or an EOD hold here.

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