Thursday, December 02, 2010

Watchers for the 12-3-10 trading session

No time to post charts tonight, or the recap for today. I will tackle the latter issue Friday or over the weekend...


NXTH like price action is maddening to shorts, but see my prior comments (yeah, I know I have said that many times now for this stock) as they mostly still apply. Volume seems to be declining, so maybe a nice fall day awaits soon. But it did that several sessions ago and then got a second wind.


Being promoted, this kept going up today. It might continue Thursday but this is a fade on massive dumping of the pump (especially early on) or any of our traditional confirmed weakness cues.


Nice break out. Possible early red to green long. 7.50 just above is a possible sell off point, but I am not into a short here. If we gap over the above price it also could keep going. Also possible is early spiking to long scalp into.


This is getting overdone but I am hoping for some early upside spiking to long scalp into. A top fishing short on really overblown initial moves is possible, but not without risks. If it fails early or from the bell, our usual confirmed weakness cues may suffice if it does not gap up too much.


Also looking absurd, and without obvious catalysts other than "me too" low rent district penny stock pick Newsletters looking for a free ride, this one still has strong volume but I am looking to fade it on massive selling pressure early or conventional weakness cues.

Not a big list for Friday, admittedly. I have a number under consideration that I did not have time tonight to examine. I expect a fuller list with charts for Monday, most likely!

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