Sunday, December 05, 2010

Watchers for the 12-6-10 trading session


This has been one of my stocks for many days now, and it makes the list yet again. The big money behind holding this NXTH like fest up will eventually dump, it is simply a question of when, not really if. Once it does, it is likely to drop very fast and longs will find it hard to exit fast enough not to incur huge slippage and a speedy enough exit to avoid too big a loss. That is why going long, rather than boxing or dropping or just lucking into shares when you need them and shorting, is so risky. Even using market orders to get out and incurring losses might get messier than one might think. A fade play on massive dumping or confirmed weakness cues, etc. Stay flat otherwise.


First red day Supernovae scan return. Plan is to fade into more down side if it pans out, on massive dumps or conventional confirmed weakness cues. Stay flat otherwise. This play may not yield much, if it all, since the distribution print day was south by 20% on Friday, so be aware and conservative on any gains of 2%+


Supernovae scan return. May not be done yet. Plan is to fade into heavy selling pressure (preferably early) or standard confirmed weakness cues, etc. Top fishing entries on these things are possible, but risky.


Several up days here on this new Supernovae scan return. Closed on hod. Ideally we open nominally green or flat and go red early to short into. Any heavy sell dumps also will work just fine. Volume seems to be declining here as it keeps extending, so it may not be too long before an entry beckons.


Not wild about the volume, but the over extension looks nice. Volume is starting to decline, so that is also a plus. Plan is to fade into heavy selling pressure candles or via confirmed weakness cues. Top fishing shorts are possible on early spiking, but this is not without risks.


Superman linked junkard that fell Friday but might get an encore soon, possibly Monday. Sell into heavy early dumping candles, or if it opens nominally green or flat and goes red early. Avoid longs, beware of Krpytonite.


Another promotion that is beginning to overextend. Might have a bit more early buying fools to long scalp into on spiking up, but once the balloon pops it will make a nice short. Fade play on any early sell dumps or traditional confirmed weakness cues. Easiest is for it to open barely green or flat and have it go red early.

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