Sunday, December 05, 2010

Trade review 12-3-10

I got a few picks right on Friday...



Opening on a gap up, this went sideways until late in the session, when it sported a textbook afternoon fade that yielded a shorting signal once it went green to red. This continued into the close, which was red by 8%


This played out well enough, opening flat and failing early to go red. All bounces stayed below the previous session high, and were equal to the daily high set in the first useless 5 minutes. Closed red by 20% on Friday.



I was long biased here, and we closed red by nearly 2% on Friday. We did get an early red to green, which argued for a long entry, but it did not hold up. We fell back red and gradually faded into the close. Daily doji print but the price action and how it played out merits a loss here, not a push.



Once again the ayes had it, as this mostly steadily advanced. Technically, we went red after opening on a gap up, but this almost certainly faked nobody out as it occurred on the second 5 minute candle from the open, which was green volume laden. The artificial appearing green moves continued into the close, which was up by over 6.5% on Friday. Lacking a confirmed weakness cue or massive dumping, staying flat again was ideal.


We never got a clear shorting signal here. Opening on a gap up, this proved to be the lod, and it never looked back. Closing green by 22% on Friday, I suggested a flat stance with such price action.

Daily record: W-2 L-1-P-2


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